About us

OIKONOMIA is a word that originated in the Greek language. OIKO means “home” and NOMIA refers to “law”, “rule” or “norm. Xenophonte and Aristotle (Philosophers of Ancient Greece) used the term oikonomia to designate “The sets of precepts that govern or should govern, the activity of  “Lord of the House “ in obtaining the necessary resources needed for “family life.”

The definition of ECONOMICS from Ancient Greece to the present day has undergone some changes, and developed to a social science whose scope is  studying society.

Oikonomia is a consultancy firm that provides services for companies that wish to improve it´s efficiency and achieve their corporate goals. We focus both on the long term via strategic definition and implementation and on the short term via implementation of business plans, organization/methods and management control.

We also help private individuals in defining and implementing business plans.

Our mission: To help our clients to achieve their goals whilst improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Our values: Honesty, Expertise and Professionalism.

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